30 Before 30


That’s how old I’ll be in about a month. Twenty. Nine. The big TWO NINE. One year away from 30.
I don’t know how y’all felt/feel about turning 30, but it worries me. Haha! Now I know that age doesn’t define who you are or, for the most part, what you can do…. but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like time is slipping away. I feel like there are a lot of things that I haven’t done that I had hoped I would do by this point in my life.
Those who know me know that the past few years haven’t really been easy on me. From relocating to going back to school to struggling with working and making sure that I don’t give up any time with Mini-Me, I have pretty much stayed in a constant state of stress. I have become someone who is not quite “me.” I used to have no problem meeting new people or trying new things. I now live in a bit of a shell and only let my 4 closest friends see “the real me.” Truth be told, I think I am a better “me” in some ways. I have been slowly cutting out people who I feel aren’t genuine. I have been trying to do better about living what I “preach.” I have been trying to be more available to my friends if they need me, to help people who need it, and to be a nicer person in general. I just want to me MORE “me.” Pretty sure that doesn’t make much sense to you guys, but it is what it is. Ha!
Because of these feelings, I decided to be a bit cliche and come up with a list of things to do before I turn 30. (Yes, I know the list below is more than 30, but it’s my list so..) Some of them are things that I have wanted to do for a long time. Some of them are things I just think would be fun. The others are things that I think will challenge me in some way, like face a fear or really force me step out of my comfort-zone and try and overcome some of my anxiety. {Of course I have goals for the next year that aren’t on this list. I have left them off because they are things that I have already been doing– example: work on being able to talk about beliefs and the Bible with “The Kid” regularly and to help him learn and memorize verses.} It is my hope that, in completing this list, that I will be able to learn more about myself and the world around me.
And so, ladies and gentlemen! Without further ado, here is my list! I will put a date next to. strike through, and make them purple once I have done them. Hopefully some of them will become posts themselves, and if they do, I will link them.
30 Before 30
Take “The Kid” to DC to see monuments and Smithsonians
Finish decorating and setting up my house
Create and sell a painting
Turn the extra bedroom into a small home gym and get back in shape
Take “The Kid” to the Chattanooga aquarium
Go up in a hot-air balloon

Do a photo challenge

Learn about and to shoot guns. Own one.

Start getting things set up to be a foster parent

Build at least 4 pieces of furniture
Have family photos made of myself and “The Kid” and of us and my parents
Take a train to New Orleans and stay for a few days
Own a cello
Take a small road trip through Mississippi
Run a marathon (or something close to it)
Make a small garden
Get new tattoos (Ephesians 6:19-20 and my grandparents’ writings from my Bible)
Learn to invest $$
Write and mail a letter at least twice a month
Dye my hair a wild color
Sew that Vogue pattern dress I’ve had for 4 years
Go camping or hiking alone
Write a song and perform it (or see it performed) for others
Master 10 difficult yoga moves
See the sun rise or set at the Grand Canyon
Go to a drive-in movie – July 8, 2016 “Tarzan” with Britt Martin
Read more Walt Whitman
Encourage different people with a note or small “happy” once a month
Do volunteer work with “The Kid”
Start some kind of ministry to help further “Love Madison”
Go without junk sugar for 30 straight days
Hopefully I will be able to complete this whole list. If anyone would like to join me in any of these tasks or help me finish them, let me know! I would love to have partners in crime and get to know some of you better!!
(Originally posted on my old blog on August 2, 2016)

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