A Bit of a Rant

This post is going to be a bit different from the others.  I usually do not rant about things, however, after seeing some posts on a group in Facebook, I just want to put my 2cents in.

It all started with this video/story.  It is about a couple who were unable to have a child of their own, so they decided to adopt.  Under the video, the author of the article gives the idea of adopting from the Ukraine and Moldova because there are only orphanages and no foster care systems in place.  There is little to no funding, and these children suffer because of it.  There are, according to the article, just as many children waiting for families in these countries as there are children waiting for families in the United States.  If that fact itself doesn’t knock your socks off, you must not comprehend how absolutely HUGE that tidbit of information is.
That doesn’t seem like a rant, does it?  Well brace yourself, because here it comes.
A member of a group I am a member of on Facebook (a group for those of us who are adopted, who are looking for their biological families,  are looking for the children they gave up, or are just there for support.)  Anyway.. this fellow “adoptee” had the audacity to get angry because of the article linked above.  This was their post:
It enrages me that someone who was adopted could say this.  I don’t know this girl’s situation, nor do I know if her life with her parents (and when I say “parents” I mean the ones who adopted her) was happy.  I don’t know.  I don’t care, either.  The fact is that someone who, had someone not taken mercy, had not had compassion, had not had the desire for a family, would not have had a family of their own, would be angry about anyone adopting from ANYWHERE.
It really baffles me when I read a lot of the posts and comments on these groups.  So many people do not realize that they are so very lucky, regardless of their situation, to even have a family at all.  Good OR bad.  They are lucky to even be alive, let alone to live in America.  I understand that there are many children living in our country who need loving homes.. but we have a great foster care system- regardless of the fact they medicate ENTIRELY too much, and regardless of the bad press they get– because who wants to hear about the wonderful foster homes? (sarcasm)  Many of these other countries DON’T.  Children live in orphanages (which are sometimes, for lack of a better word, total rat-holes) until they become “of age” and are then turned out with no kind of life training or anything.  The age of adulthood isn’t always 18, either.
Adoption is adoption.  Like the family in the video said, we are all adopted by God.  Live out the gospel.  Children are the main importance.. not where they come from.  As someone who has always wanted to adopt from another country and who knows way too many families who have adopted from outside the U.S., I have a problem finding any kind of issue with it what-so-ever.  Every single one of these families is special and loves their child with a love that is entirely immeasurable.  If only we all were so lucky.
Side notes: The child in the video is not from the Ukraine.  The author took his/her own liberties and made the statements about the Ukraine for reasons that I don’t know.
Additionally, I would also like to point out that some oppose adopting outside the U.S. of A because human trafficking is such a large issue.. and it is.. but not all adoptions outside our borders are illegal, and not all babies in orphanages are there because they were just taken from their mothers.  Many countries are taking more and more steps toward making it harder for traffickers and those in the black market adoptions to be successful.
(Originally posted on my old blog on March 5, 2015)

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