Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo’ Dat

*This is actually a post from 2 years ago, I think. Somehow it got reverted to a draft, so I’m having to re-post it.* 

So today has been super-duper nuts. We have had some gnarly weather in the South the past few days. This morning was no exception. I am extremely lucky and have had the opportunity to help my very awesome friend, Linsey, and her mom clean houses. Never in a million years did I think it was something I would do, but I gotta say…. I LOVE it. Working with fun people definitely helps. 

Anyways…. so on days we clean, I meet Linsey at one of the church parking lots in town and ride with her to our destination. This morning, as I was sitting and waiting on her, the wind started to really pick up. It was going NUTS. She got there and we were standing outside our cars debating on going and getting The Kid from school so I wouldn’t worry about something happening to him because of the weather. As we were talking, a tree across the road just fell over and landed on a car. We both walked to the car and as I was walking around the front, I saw a huge limb was sticking out of the windshield and the driver was still in the car. That branch you see in the windshield was sitting on the driver’s leg. If it had hit harder and had been a bit up her leg, she might have been severely hurt. Luckily, there were only scratches to the driver.


I made eye contact with the driver and saw how upset she was…. then I saw the blond head in the back seat. I just pointed to the backseat as I walked to the door and she nodded. I took him out of the car seat and noticed there was not even any glass on him. When I picked him up out of the seat, there was glass all under him and around him, but none in his hair or on his clothes. Linsey and I kept him wrapped up and occupied while we waited on things to get sorted out and for the police to come and assess the situation. Her car is totalled. They were very lucky today.

The little boy’s mom found Linsey and me on Facebook and thanked us both; which was really sweet of her and unexpected. However, looking back, we didn’t really do much. We didn’t rescue him from a flaming vehicle or a hazardous situation. There was no threat anymore. The tree had fallen and done its damage. But we gave our time to make sure that everyone was ok and that they were/would be taken care of. Linsey even offered to watch him until his mom could get there. 

There’s the point to all of this: We gave our time. I have heard from Grady and many other preachers that giving your time is one of the best things you can do. I believed and agreed with it before, but today really knocked that mindset into place. You don’t have to actually PLAN to spend time with someone. You can just let it happen. It can affect people in more ways than you can think of. In a lot of instances, we feel rushed or like we “don’t have the time” for this or for that, but what if no one ever took the time to just be there for someone? Simmer on that. I am so thankful that God put us there and I can’t really imagine what would have been if we had ignored His call this morning. I’ve read the stories of those not following His lead and I gotta say…. not a fan of those consequences. So next time you are thinking, “ain’t nobody got time for that” I challenge you to and hope that you reconsider. 

**UPDATE: Linsey is now babysitting this little boy and his brother a few days a week, which was such a blessing of opportunity for her.**

(Originally posted on my old blog on November 3, 2015)


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