But I Already Know Everything

Last night I was trying to get Mini-Me to go to bed. He did NOT want to. He was super tired from our day trip to the beach on Saturday and from being up and going ALL DAY yesterday. As he was attempting to deliver his case, he said, “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I don’t want to learn.” I told him that learning was awesome (and it totally is) and that he didn’t have a choice. His response is classic and parents everywhere have probably heard it from at least one of their kids….

“But I already know everything!”

There it is. The end of the want to know more. Maybe not so much for a 5 year old…. but generally, when you feel you “know everything” you stop searching for more. That’s a bad thing in my book.

After I finally gave up the battle and just walked away to let him cry and whine and eventually fall asleep, I sat in my room and thought about that conversation.

“I already know everything.”

I think that sometimes (myself included on rare occasions) we make the mistake of thinking that since we know Christ died for us and that He IS coming back for/to us one day that we don’t need to know anymore. We know the main points, so why use our time reading about what He and His disciples actually preached? We already believe all of this, so why do we need to read about it? Why do we need to read about those who came LONG before Him?

It’s really shocking to me how many people who are Christians don’t read their Bible and really have no desire to. I guess they feel like they hear enough from their preacher that there’s no need. I don’t know. But honestly, I feel that without the time I spend reading my Bible and actually studying it- not just reading, but studying, referencing, digging deeper- I would be completely lost right now. I’ve never been one to just go on someone’s word. Especially when it comes to quoting something. Plus, the more I read, the better my outlook on life is for some reason. I try to get my girls to read, but they are all so busy with school and extra-curriculars, they either don’t get a chance or it doesn’t even cross their mind to pull it out after a long day of school and homework. I don’t fault them this at all. I understand completely. Thankfully, none of them have the mindset they “already know everything” and they still have a desire to learn more about Him.

That, my friends, is a great beginning.

(Originally posted on my old blog on April 28, 2014)


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