Memory Lane

This entry is going to be a bit different from the other recent entries.

Today I was working with Deddy at his law office.  It was a trip.  The other man who works with him is a HUGE John Wayne fan.  I mean HUGE.  He has a bust of John Wayne on one of his desks, a John Wayne clock, a life-sized cardboard cut-out of John Wayne, and numerous other John Wayne memorabilia.  It’s pretty close to a museum in there!  Obviously, I LOVE IT because I’m also a huge fan.

Here’s a pic of me and John Wayne a few months ago:

Anyways.  Deddy also tried to get me to address envelopes on a type-writer!! Needless to say, I the computer and printer.  (It looked better.)
When we went to lunch, we got talking about Georgia title laws and such, which lead to talking about my grandparents.  I learned that my Grandpa Patterson had been a minor league baseball player.  We talked about how Grammy once pulled a water hose through the house to help my mom get her sister back from throwing a water balloon at her.  (Mama would flip if we had done that.)  We also talked about how Papa liked to play tricks on Jeb (one of our other youth leaders who spent the summers with Papa when he was younger.)
This is Dadaddy, Papa, and me!!
The funniest things I learned, however, were 2 stories Deddy told me about Dadaddy- aka Judge LaBarre.  Now, I have heard PLENTY of stories about Dadaddy from when Deddy and my aunt and uncles were younger.  These, though, I have never heard.  It’s stories like these that caused someone to created waterproof mascara.
Dadaddy liked to drive fast.  I mean, 90-to-nothing.  Apparently, on of Deddy’s favorite things to do was go riding with Dadaddy.  Some times when they would go riding, Nana would give Dadaddy a box of stuff she wanted him to put in storage.  Dadaddy being Dadaddy decided he was going to do what he wanted, and as they were driving, he would roll his window down and just chunk the whole box out the window.  Deddy said he would always say, “She’ll nevah know thah diffruhnce.” (For those of you who don’t know, that’s True Southern talk spelling.)
The story that had me crying, though, was this:
Dadaddy apparently kept a stash of his earned parking tickets in his glove box.  (I don’t know why the police would even issue them, because even I know that he had no intention of paying them.  He was a judge and did what he wanted.  Even if he hadn’t been a judge, I’m pretty sure he would’ve STILL done what he wanted.)  One day, he was driving down East Avenue.  For those of you who know Vicksburg, this road is up and down and up and down.  Anyways, some guy decided to pull in front of Dadaddy causing him to spew profanities.  He stomped on the gas and sat on the horn.  He ran the guy down, passed him, and cut him off.  He reached in the glove box, got out one of his many parking tickets, wrote who knows what on it, and got out of the car.  He told the guy who cut him off, “I want to see you in city court tomorrow morning!!”
I guess you would have to know Dadaddy (and the rest of the family) to really appreciate the hilarity of these stories, but I just wanted to share.  Deddy says this is the best picture of Dadaddy… I disagree.  The best picture of Dadaddy that I have seen was him in his army uniform.  Wish I could get a copy of it.
I guess the moral of this story is:  Love your grandparents and spend as much time as you can with them.  Learn everything you can about their younger days and their parents.  It not only brings you closer together, but it sheds some light on who you are and where you came from.
(Originally posted on my old blog on November 14, 2014)

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