Misguided Statements

I clean a lake rental house with my friend, her mom (L), and her brother on Saturdays.  The brother wasn’t there today, but the owner of the home was.  When she asked where he was, L said that he was feeding the homeless.  (Brother takes classes, and once a month, the students in his class have to do a certain number of hours of community service.)  So he was feeding the homeless today.  Then the owner was told that I (me. the author of this) would be feeding the homeless next week.  It’s true.  We are taking a group of youth to Augusta to work with The Bridge Ministry there.  (It’s a branch-off of the one in Nashville.)  So anyways.  Then we joke a little bit about us being gone so often because of doing this outreach and I made the statement, “Someone’s gotta do it!”  To which the owner responded, “No they don’t.  They need to get off their butts and get a job!”  Obviously, I didn’t agree with this and said, “NO.  That’s not always the reason a person becomes homeless.”  At this point, I’m angry.  That one statement just pissed me off.  I start going up the steps and the owner tried to cover her tracks and say, “Oh I know.  I go and volunteer at (a place I didn’t understand the name of because I was walking away) all the time!”
So riddle me this.  If she helps and volunteers with homeless outreach, why would she make such an IGNORANT statement?  (Saying all homeless are homeless because they just won’t get a job is like saying that all black people are gangsters, or all Asians own a nail salon, or all Indians own a gas station.  It just isn’t true for everyone of that race.  Same as with homeless.. you can’t put the whole homeless community into that generalization because it just isn’t true and is just plain IGNORANT.)  All I could come up with was that she was either lying about said outreach, or that she just went to be seen and never takes/took the time to get to know the people she was helping.  Let’s just pretend, for her sake, that she really has and does volunteer.  Why do people, of their own accord and not because of a court order, volunteer with organizations for the homeless?  (In her case, it certainly isn’t so she will look good on a resume.  She’s got a toe in the ground if you know what I’m saying.)  Do you go just to go because there is nothing else to do?  Do you go because others are going and you may as well join them?  Do you go because you really do have a heart for helping others?  Do you go because you want to get to know these people who are so often forgotten?  I would hope that the last 2 questions would be the reasons you would choose.
Anyways.. That’s just my short and sweet rant.  I’ve never done one of those on my blog, but today– oh today– I just had to get it out.  Feel free to disagree or agree.  Most of you who read this are friends with me on Facebook, so if you are and want to, feel free to send me a message about it and we can discuss.

(Originally posted on my old blog on July 12, 2014)


2 thoughts on “Misguided Statements

  1. Wow! (be careful publishing things that happen at work… you can lose your job soooooo easy).

    Thanx for sharing this. You highlight a very fickle attitude. I find variations of it at church ALL THE TIME – even in the HOMELESS MINISTRY. I used to belong to the Premier Homeless Church here in Lubbock, Texas (It’s called a church, and they host weekly worship, but really it is a 501c3 organization and not actually a church) that serves the homeless of this community. They actually do a number of good things for the homeless, and I thank God for them and the work they do almost daily. BUT…

    I got kicked out of that “church” when the ended the practice of keeping street people in the sanctuary on cold winter nights a few years ago (after many years of doing just that very thing) AND I protested the new decision. Apparently I protested too strongly. So, they kicked me out. And I watched them run off their own flock, scatter them to the night NUMEROUS TIMES. Never when the TV NEWS MEDIA were around, but plenty of times when no one was watching! And this organization now raises millions of dollars and gets support from dozens of churches around town, all the while running people off at night!

    What makes folx behave this way???

    Not sure I actually care about that. I definitely want it to change. So, I blog on pretty much that exact issue and all the related facets of it all the time. Would love for you to stop by and check it out. I have no doubt I have covered some aspects that will shed light on your questions, if not answer them.

    Let me link you to just a couple of posts I suggest and see if they offer any insights…




    I am really blessed to find this post. Thanx for it.

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)


    • Hi Agent X
      No worries about losing this job. I don’t help clean this particular house anymore. The lady I worked for is a wonderful Christian woman, but the lady who owned the house– I’m not really sure where her heart stands.
      Premier Homeless Church sounds like it had a great thing going. I’m not sure of all of the circumstances surrounding their decision (obviously), but I hope that those people found another place to go.
      Thanks for your comment! I’ll check your blog out soon!!


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