No Moment Missed, No Time Wasted

So this year, my BFF, Linsey, and I have basically made a decision/agreement/pact/whatever to not miss moments, take things as they come, and just be spontaneous and make memories instead of only having wishes.

So far, we have been to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and Hilton Head.

We have gone to see Lady Gaga in concert in ATL and rode Marta ON OUR OWN WITH NO ADULTS! Hehehehe

We have gone on many random excursions to Athens. We and Mini-Me even ran and fought off the Velociraptors at the Botanical Gardens.

We have traveled to The Mall of Georgia and had a BLAST listening to the music out on the grass.

We have stalked the Goosebumps movie set SHAMELESSLY for 4 nights in a row and our persistence paid off and we got to meet AND take pictures with Jack Black! (Highlight of my LIFE!)

These are just the things we have done together. There is a much longer list of things we have done on our own or with other friends. But our thing is, “Hey! Wanna go (insert place/activity here)?” “SURE! Let me put my pants on.”

I feel like this is what God is saying to us. “Hey! Wanna follow me and have absolutely the most meaningful life ever?” To which I DEFINITELY respond, “SURE! Let me put my pants on!” I believe this is the absolute best way to experience life and to really learn to appreciate everything that God has given us. I don’t think you can truly understand and realize how much He gives and how absolutely AMAZING He is until you spend time trying to see everything He has created or until you spend time trying to meet the other people He has created. Without Him, I wouldn’t have anything. I wouldn’t have TRUE friends who love me more than they love themselves. I wouldn’t be able to love them that way, either. I wouldn’t have Mini-Me and I CERTAINLY wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. Without Him, I would be an empty shell of a person who has nothing to live for OR to die for.

There’s nothing greater than having it smashed into your heart and mind how much God has given you. There’s nothing greater than knowing that He gives you EVERYTHING just because He loves you. All you have to do is love Him back!! No strings attached.

Just hit me: God is the ULTIMATE friend with benefits.

(Originally posted on my old blog on May 23, 2014)


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