The First Entry

SO. It has been OVER A YEAR since I have posted on here. So much has happened it is ridiculous! I won’t give too many boring details. I moved back to the town where I attended high school. I love it and so does the Kid. He’s 5 now, be-tee-dubs. I also lead the high school girl group on Sunday nights at my church. I absolutely LOVE it. Teaching them has taught me so much and has lead me back to myself. I also have a new best friend who I love love love love! I took her to the Hillsong United concert last week for her Christmas present. (Early, I know.) We had a BLAST! (Linsey on left. Me on right. We were waiting for the show to start.)


Our seats were great and it was by far the best present I’ve ever given anyone. What better gift to give than one where God is SO present and you get to celebrate and praise Him with THOUSANDS of other believers? I can’t think of anything better.

I also want to share with y’all something I posted on my Facebook profile. I’ll be posting more like this in the future. I know I have been called to give words to others and to help lead them to the Lord. I have been blessed with the ability to ask Him for words that He needs to be shared and be given them almost immediately.

We are coming up on Christmas.. we all are focused on Santa, presents, Jesus’ birth- tons of things. Christ’s birth is the physical act of Jesus coming into our lives. It’s when He came to earth to teach and preach and let those who witnessed take note and spread those teachings and miracles to others. We make such a huge deal about when He was physically born… but what about when He was spiritually born? In me? In you? Why aren’t we as open about this and why don’t we constantly celebrate this?

Deddy’s song has been on my mind a lot:
No star shown bright this night when Christ was born. 
No manger bed to keep Him safe and warm.
No shepherds search to find the Lord of all.
No lullabies within a cattle stall. 
But angels sang. I know I heard their song.
And heaven rejoiced because I sang along. 
And Christ was born. From heaven to earth He came.
He was born in me and my life is not the same.

I always knew and understood what the song meant. It was about being saved.. there’s never a star above, no shepherds looking for him… but until recently, I didn’t really GET it. Those are my Deddy’s words. What he knew and felt. He doesn’t know, and maybe never will know, the impact that small song has made the past few months. The part that gets me every time is : but angels sang. I know I heard their song. And heaven rejoiced because I sang along.
They were celebrating his salvation. He was celebrating his salvation. His isn’t the only one they celebrate. They celebrate mine, too. And yours. Angels are constantly rejoicing and praising God and celebrating Him.

And we all should sing with them.

I hope you have enjoyed this new post and will continue to follow my blog!!!

(Originally posted on my old blog November 23, 2013)


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