The Search Awakens

She did it.

She found them.

They found them.

We found them.

When I say “she” and “they”, I mean Tammy and Cheryl. They are 2 women who have worked so very hard to help with my search. They have both worked to the wee hours of many, many mornings to help find connections. Tammy is a distant cousin. She has been such a rock. Because of her, I am able to use Ancestry to it’s fullest extent for U.S. genealogy. She checks and double checks and makes sure she shares everything she finds out. She’s been phenomenal! Cheryl is married to one of my 3rd cousins (approximately). She also works with as a genealogist. Her resources and knowledge have just been…. and these words don’t even cover it…. but helpful and eye-opening. The effort that they have put it to this is so overwhelming. Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know these people. Now they are such a big part of my life. I’ll never be able to repay them and am so thankful for them.

It’s been less than a month since I got my results from my AncestryDNA kit.

It’s been 1 day since we found my biological maternal grandparents, bio-mom, and 3 half brothers.

A few days ago, (Wednesday, I think) I was able to find out the names of these grandparents. From there, Tammy worked her magic and at around 1:30am on Thursday morning, I got a text from her letting me know she sent me some links on my Facebook. Those links were to my bio-mom and her 3 sons. 2 are older than me (which we knew) and one is 3 years younger (and a bonus surprise). Tammy and I and Cheryl talked about it a good bit yesterday and were pretty confident this was them. It didn’t seem real, though. I still sort of felt like it was just a coincidence. Then last night, Cheryl used one of her resource databases and confirmed what we had been thinking. We found them!

This is not a drill. This is legit. Not a joke. We were right.

(Originally posted on my old blog on January 29, 2016)

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