Where Did You Come From, Cotton-Eyed Joe?


Today I got my results back from my AncestryDNA test.
Since I mailed the kit back in on December 16th, I wasn’t expecting to get results back until mid-late January. Happy Wednesday to me!!

I have 2 matches for close 2nd and 3rd cousins and SIXHUNDREDFIFTEEN total matches for 4th cousin or closer. This is going to take some sifting through once I am able to get an Ancestry membership so I can look at their trees and communicate with them. I uploaded my raw data to GEDMatch.com which will allow me to compare my DNA with people who have taken DNA tests with Ancestry, 23andMe, and FTDNA and have uploaded to GEDMatch. I’m waiting on my data to be “batched” and once that’s done, I’ll have even MORE matches. If you’ve done dna testing with any of these sites, download your data and upload it to GEDMatch. It’s free and will help a lot of other folks out!

This is all pretty cool. I was fairly certain what my ethnicity results would be, and find it odd that I was correct just going off of my own feelings and odd inner obsessions. However, on GEDMatch, I looked at a further breakdown and I found out something that I was not expecting. I have a very, very tiny percentage of pygmy in my DNA. I’m sure that explains me a bit in some way. HAHA!

Below is a screenshot of my results so y’all can see what I’m looking at. I’ll post updates with any new info!
(Originally posted on my old blog on January 6, 2016)

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