You Can’t Witness in Heaven

I don’t know if any of you have seen God’s Not Dead. If you haven’t: GO SEE IT! It is amazing. We took our youth group to see it about 2 weeks ago and it really seemed to make an impact on them. At the end of the movie, it is suggested to text everyone in your phone with the few simple words “God’s Not Dead.” Unfortunately, my phone has been out of commission for well over a month. (I have gone over a month without a phone. No phone. For over a month. I actually liked it.) Apparently people really have been doing this, which is totally awesome!!

One of my Facebook friends posted earlier asking how she was supposed to respond when she gets those text. She is a believer- but she had a valid question. My suggestion to her was to forward it to everyone she knows. Another person asked, “People are really doing that? LOL” Why not? Why shouldn’t we/they?

That thought brings me to this next thought: Why don’t we do that anyways? Why don’t we as Christians utilize all of our resources to spread the word? Whether it is to other believers or to non-believers. I totally understand that witnessing is hard and for some reason talking about God is hard…. even when you are talking with your friends or other church members. This has been a real…. struggle…. for us in our youth group. One of the main things we have issue with is the fact that we can ask the kids a question and you can literally hear crickets chirping. Eyes shift. No sound comes from the kids. I constantly pray for these kids to open up and to want to search after Him. I’m sure Britt does, also.

We are also planning some local mission stuff for the kids to do which I am really pumped about. I hope it will get them to be more open. It’s easier to talk about things when you are distracted by working on something sometimes. I bet they don’t realize that while they are doing these missions they will also be witnessing. They’ll be witnessing without even speaking a word. I just want them- and myself- to learn how to be open about their love of God. Whether they just are open to themselves about it or are open to others about it is up to them. Obviously it would be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME if they were open to others. That’s my ultimate goal/wish/prayer for them: That they would just be so on fire for God that they can hardly keep quiet about Him and His love for us. That’s the whole point of us being here! Why are we here if not to share with others about Jesus and his sacrifice? That should be our life’s one goal. Once you die, there’s nothing else you can do. You can’t witness in heaven.

I worry sometimes that I am just wasting my life by not being as open or witnessing as much as I should/could. I should lead by example. I want to lead by example. I do what I can, but sometimes I worry it isn’t enough. I want the things I do to speak to people. I want to be able to bring at least ONE person to God. Be a soldier for God and help lead his people back to Him.

ACTS 20:24

Sorry about this semi-random/scatterbrained post. I haven’t posted in a while and I just randomly decided to post today. I didn’t sit out and actually think out a good post. Hopefully the next one will be better.

(Originally posted on my old blog on April 1, 2014)


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